Our company

Founded in 2018, SocialBoss is a brand dedicated to helping individuals, brands, and businesses achieve relevance on social media through our promotion and marketing services. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to TikTok, social media has emerged as an essential human interaction tool in this digital age. What started as a means for people to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones has now morphed into a platform for brands to establish themselves and businesses to expand their customer base. Due to the millions of people who currently rely on social media for various reasons, the digital world can be a tough place to navigate. And that’s where SocialBoss comes in.

With our wealth of experience and depth of knowledge, we are here to provide the guidance and boost needed to build a buzzing social media presence. We have carefully designed several services that will help draw much-needed engagement – likes, comments, views, etc. – and increase your followers on the biggest social media platforms, all at very affordable prices. We are passionate about setting up brands and businesses to compete favorably, and we hope to help you attain success as we have done for our past and present clients. If you want to experience real and lasting growth on any social media today, SocialBoss is the brand to consult!

Our Working Space

Socialboss hall Socialboss meeting room Socialboss coworking place
Socialboss hall
Socialboss meeting room
Socialboss coworking place

Our Highest Management Crew

CEO of SocialBoss
Otto Holland
CEO (founder)

Otto is the visionary who founded our company. Having acquired years’ worth of experience and skill, he started SocialBoss as a means of applying all he had learned for the betterment of others. His bravery in leadership and brilliance in innovation has elevated us to a position of excellence in social media marketing services.

Digital marketing specialist at SocialBoss
Derek Baldwin

Derek grew up in New York and worked as a freelancer before landing a senior role at a highly successful startup company. He is now the brains behind SocialBoss’ marketing strategies that have helped us stay abreast with the latest social media trends.

SMM at SocialBoss
Chloe Barnes

Chloe B. previously worked as an intern at one of the biggest social media companies around. She now channels the expertise she garnered in that role into creating realistic and sustainable marketing strategies for SocialBoss.

Software Engineer at SocialBoss
Dominic Chatuverdi

Dominic has been in charge of developing our software since the first significant overhaul in 2012. He plays the trombone in a Mariachi band when he isn’t working his magic on a computer!

Copywriter at SocialBoss
Floyd Ferguson

Floyd is the copywriter who writes all the official company pages on our website. He is immensely skilled with the pen and is currently working on a science fiction novel that is bound to be a bestseller upon release.

Customer Support at SocialBoss
Jayson Wilkins

Jayson is a customer service expert with previous work experience as an advisor at several Silicon Valley companies. Her contract with SocialBoss was initially a short-term one, but after an undeniably excellent performance in the role, she was signed on as a full-term staff member.

socialboss full team

Our Core Values

Why choose us?

At SocialBoss, our philosophy revolves around these six principles on which we have built a brand that delivers replicable results at affordable prices:

High-quality service
High-quality service

We take pride in delivering service that is at par with the highest standards obtainable anywhere in the world and strive to do so every time we are called upon

Prompt delivery of orders

We have set up our system to process and deliver orders once payment is confirmed automatically

Great customer support
Great customer support

We offer 24/7 technical support to our customers to ensure they get the best possible results from our services

Security & Safety
Security & Safety

Secure transactions and complete confidentiality is promised when you do business with us

Continuous improvement
Continuous improvement

To preserve the high level of quality we are known for, we ensure every member of staff takes steps to add to their knowledge as often as possible

Honesty & Openness
Honesty & Openness

Because we do not want to leave any room for unrealistic expectations and disappointments, we will always be honest with all our customers

Advantages Of Purchasing Our Services

Boost Visibility Of Your Account

Regardless of the social media platform you use, paying for our services will make your posts and, by extension, your account more visible to the millions of people logged in

Quicker Results

The digital world can be a ruthless and challenging place. Quality of content no longer guarantees results which is why it is wise to consolidate your efforts by purchasing engagements that will bring faster returns.

Exponential Growth

Our services will spur natural and organic growth in due time; followers will be attracted to your social media accounts, and you won’t have to pay for engagements anymore.

Encreased Revenue

As your popularity soars to the roof thanks to the services we offer, you will notice growth in your profits as your business will sell more products and your brand will attract more endorsement deals.

The success and development history of the SocialBoss team

November, 25, 2018

The company began its journey in social media marketing services as a small startup

December, 10, 2018

The team expanded our company by hiring new staff

June, 3, 2019

Our professional team perfected the security of our system, which we continue to improve upon to date

September, 29, 2019

SocialBoss adopted the mobile-first approach in its software designs

October, 13, 2019

We launched 24/7 customer support services

February, 8, 2020

Our marketing blog was created, giving us the platform to share insights with the world

October, 15, 2020

We added free bonus features to our primary offerings

September 21, 2021

We added more methods of mobile payment for the convenience of our rapidly growing clientele

September, 21, 2022

SocialBoss has established new partnerships

November, 9, 2022

We expanded the range of services and product quality thanks to new partners

January, 1, 2023

Launched Spanish language of website

May, 10, 2023

Added special offers on most of our services