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Buy 10 SoundCloud Likes

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How Does SocialBoss Work?
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1. Choose Service Package

Select the most suitable package from the provided list.

Provide Us Order Details

2. Provide Us with Order Details

On the payment page fill in all required information and pay the order. We accept payments by credit/debit card.

Get Your Order

3. Get Your Order

After the payment, we send the order to work. Delivery usually takes between one and three days.

Why Should You Buy 10 SoundCloud Likes?

  • While not much, this package can help to give your song an algorithmic boost and bring more organic likes to your tracks.
  • It’s an affordable music promotion method, costing much less than advertising.
  • We use high-quality SoundCloud likes. These high-quality likes come from authentic, aged accounts.
  • Buying 10 SoundCloud likes is an excellent way to test our SoundCloud services with little financial risk.

More Likes Equal More Popularity

Your SoundCloud account should have as many hearts as possible if you want to get into the music industry. Real likes show people that the audience is enjoying your SoundCloud track. Hearts also promotes organic growth, recommending your tracks to more people via the SoudCloud algorithm.

How to Buy 10 Likes on SoundCloud Via SocialBoss

If you wish to purchase 10 SoundCloud likes, here’s how:

  • On our page, click “Buy” on the appropriate package.
  • Enter your email and your track URL.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Once your order is processed, we will send real likes your way!

Hearts and Organic Engagement

When you buy 10 SoundCloud likes cheap, you can promote engagement organically. First, hearts are social proof. The more you have, the more social proof comes. They may want to check you out when they see the heart counter having high numbers.

Second, high numbers increase your music’s viability. The algorithm will recommend your song to more people, and if the right people see it, you can kickstart your music career. Many music artists get their start on SoundCloud, and so can you.

Hearts are crucial for engagement because they show people that your music resonates with someone or that they appreciated your podcast episode.

What Are The Pros of Using Our Services in Your Music Career Marketing Strategy?

There are many benefits to using our service. These benefits include:

  • Promote your account for cheap.
  • Bring organic engagement to a profile that has little.
  • Kickstart a new account.

These are just a few benefits you can experience using our services. Also, there are minimal drawbacks.

Who Uses This Service?

Many aspiring musicians will purchase hearts to give their tracks a boost. Also, people who host their podcasts on this app may use this service, too. While you may believe that only small profiles use our service, larger ones do, too.

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Privacy & Discretion Assured

Privacy & Discretion Assured

We guarantee privacy of your personal data and all account information by default.

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100% Risk-Free Guaranteed

Your account is protected from any risks through Smart Delivery Technologies.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

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Service Guarantee

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Higher Quality Results

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Convenient Order

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is it safe to purchase 10 hearts?

Yes, it's completely safe. We send authentic accounts to like your song and distribute them gradually. Since it's only ten, you won't need to worry about your account being taken down.

✅ Will my “hearts” drop?

While we use low-drop accounts, it is possible. However, we offer a 30-day refill guarantee if you see a drop. Contact us, and we will send more hearts to compensate for any you've lost.

✅ Do we need your password?

We only need an email and the URL to the track you want hearts on. Any service that demands your password is likely trying to compromise your account.